Monday, April 25, 2011

Cleaning Saw Blades & Civil War Camp Chair Wood Plans

Cleaning Saw Blades & Other Steel Tools

Use coal oil to clean rusted tools. Soak in pure coal oil over night, in the morning scrub lightly with a non steel scrubber. The coal oil leaves a protective film on the tools.
Submitted Mr. Murphy

Civil War Camp Chair Woodworking Plans

This Civil War Camp Chair woodworking plan, like all of our plans for wood projects are actually LARGE woodworking blueprints and every woodworking plans for our wood projects have Step-By-Step Instructions, Detailed Woodworking Illustrations and best of all, our plans for wood projects have Full Size Woodworking Templates. There is no need to redraw our woodworking plans for wood projects,  you can get started right away woodworking!  This is an Authentic Civil War Camp Folding Chair folds flat for easy carrying and convenient storage. This is a very easy chair to build.  Available in Wood Plans or Chair Kit with Black Walnut.


Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Where to Put the Tack Cloths?

Tack cloths have a bad habit of drying out after a couple of uses. To keep a used one available, bunch it up into a loose ball and place it in a plastic food storage container with a tight lid.
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Library Chair Woodworking Plans

You Won't Believe How Useful This Chair Is...

Our fold-over Library Chair solves the problem of having two pieces of furniture when there's only room for one. While in the chair position, you simply take the back of the chair and flip it forward and it will turn into a sturdy Step Stool. Another great idea for craft shows.
library chair wood planslibrary chair woodworking plans

Monday, April 18, 2011

Baby-Sitter Woodworking Plans

Pot Magnet

When working with nails, screws, etc. - anything magnetic, especially on top of a ladder or in an otherwise awkward place, I have a "Pot Magnet" affixed to a wristlet made of Ace bandage ON MY RIGHT wrist (I am right-handed - if you are a leftie put it on your left wrist). This holds the pesky "small magnetic items" handy to pick up with you OTHER hand for driving with hammer or screwdriver or cordless drill or whatever. Sticking them on the magnet also magnetizes them slightly, so that screws, especially, tend to stick to the phillips-head or square drive driver bit. Also, you aren't digging into your pocket and stabbing your fingers on the points - which are sharp enough in your pocket, but somehow become miraculously dulled on the trip to the wall or whatever they are to be driven into...
Submitted by Mr. Oleen

Baby Sitter Woodworking Plans... All it Takes Is Just A Flip And A Twist!

 Rocking Horse
High Chair 

Space can be a problem when you only have room for one piece of baby furniture, but you need three pieces. To solve this problem we designed the Baby-Sitter. With just a twist and a flip, the Baby-Sitter, turns into a Rocking Horse, a Desk and Seat, or a High Chair. The Baby-Sitter is three chairs in one and is both functional and fashionable. This will surely become a treasured heirloom that will be handed down from generation to generation. By request we have designed a Teddy Bear Sitter; Plan No. 201. It's half the size of the Baby-Sitter that's just right for your child's Teddy Bear or Doll.