Wednesday, October 12, 2011

NEW “Westport Adirondack Chair - Revised Woodworking Plans”

The NEW "Westport Adirondack Chair - Revised" Woodworking Plans is a updated design of the first Adirondack Chair: the "Westport", created in 1903, by Thomas Lee. The characteristics of the 1903 version is a single back chair with an inclined seat and wide arms.  Designer, Jack Briscoe's 2011 version of the Westport, has a triangle theme and he has incorporated modern day joinery.  He used pocket-screw joinery, which involves drilling a hole at an angle into one board and then joining it to a second board with a self-tapping wood screw.  Pocket hole joinery has become the new standard for strong, precise wood construction.  Also in the construction of the chair he used wooden biscuits. An oval-shaped, highly-dried and compressed wooden biscuit, (usually beech), is covered with glue which expands the biscuit, further improving a bond that is often stronger that the wood itself.  Biscuits also has become the new standard for strong, precise wood construction.

The plans come with Step-by-Step Instructions, Detailed Illustrations and the best of all: Full Size Templates. You don't have to spend hours to re-draw the plans from a 8 1/2" x 11" sheet of paper that you downloaded from the internet.  The Chair measures 35" W x 32" D x 35" H.

Jack Briscoe has been designing Award Winning woodworking plans and craft plans for the past 20 years.  It all started back in 1990 with a small display ad in a woodworking magazine.  Today, he sells his woodworking plans to woodworkers all over the world.  They can be found on the Internet, Woodworking Catalogs, Tool Catalogs, Craft Catalogs, as well as retail stores throughout the United States and in Canada.

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